Do You Know Why You Gamble

People gamble for a myriad of reasons. But never think that your gambling is not a personal decision. Even if everyone at work or at home is doing it; it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You know the saying if you can’t beat them, join them?

This is not applicable to gambling at all! In fact, if it is against your personal belief that gambling is just a way of wasting your money, then you should do everything you could to uphold that belief and never be swayed against it.

After all, no one can force your hand into gambling if you really don’t want to. Never mind if they think that you’re a party pooper or that you’re not cool enough. Do you think it’s cool to lose all your money to gambling anyway?

However, if you do gamble, do you know why you’re doing it? What is your personal reason for doing so?

If you’re gambling to relax and unwind, then go ahead because you deserve it. However, if you start using it as an excuse to rid yourself of undue stress each and everytime you do feel stressed out, beware. You could already be gambling for a different reason.

You might already be developing a dependency on gambling and look to it to relieve you of emotional and mental anxiety. In this manner, you could be losing all your money without you even thinking of the consequences.

If you find yourself not caring whether you’ve lost all your salary in one gambling all-nighter and you suddenly think it’s okay to sell some of your stuff in order to support your gambling habit; can you recognize a gambling problem happening here?

Perhaps it’s time to sit down and consider the reasons why you’re still gambling when in reality, you don’t have the money to support your vice anymore. Are you capable of quitting cold turkey and turning things around on your own?

Do you notice that your peers that used to egg you on to try gambling just once are still living their normal lives whereas you – have turned into a gambling zombie that couldn’t see straight anymore?

Also think of the reasons why you should gamble – if you haven’t already started – peer pressure or you really love it? Think also of the reasons why you should keep at it. Consider everything; every angle; every consequence on you and everyone you love – do you think it will be all worth it?